Out of Hours
If you require a doctor after 6pm, at weekends or on public holidays when the surgery is closed, please telephone the usual number (0845 – 337 – 6310).  Your call will then be redirected to NHS 24

Test Results
The Practice has scheduled time (2pm – 4pm) each weekday for patients wishing to enquire about Test Results. Please select the appropriate option when telephoning the practice.

Cancelling your Appointment
If you are unable to attend an appointment with one of the doctors or nurses, please telephone or use the link at the bottom of this page to cancel your appointment.


June  2021 update

There are several ways in which you can access a GP consultation.

1. eConsult
If you have access to the internet, this system allows you to request non-urgent advice and care from the GPs without having to phone the Practice. This can be done 24 hrs a day 7 days a week and you will get a response by the end of the next WORKING day.

The system has 4 main area:
I want help for my condition - when you know which part of your body you have concerns about or have a names ailment such as arthritis. There are lots of specific templates that ask you to confirm all the information the GP will require to assist you.
I want general advice – when you have symptoms but are unsure what is wrong. The template is less specific to any one ailment.
I want administrative help – This is where you go to request a Fit note (sickline), letter, medical report or referral amendment.
I want help for my child – For under 14 years, similar to the general advice but specifically for parents and carers with concerns about children and has a shorter response time. Adolescents 14 – 18 year olds are unable to use the system themselves but can phone the Practice for advice or a parent can request advice but we will reply to the adolescent directly.

Once you decide which template to use and complete the information requested, the request will be automatically sent to the Practice to be processed. Depending on the request, a reply may come to your email address without the GP contacting you or they may need clarification and give you a quick call. Admin requests will usually be completed in a similar way by the admin team.

This system is accessed through our main website home page at Look for the large blue box and click “Get Started”. You can go into this system at any time and look at all the self help guides it has. You can also try out the templates you might want to use. As long as you do not add your name then you can be sure the consultation will not be sent in error. Even if it is sent in error just give us a call and we will cancel it. It’s well worth a look.

The GPs have found that this system is a very good way to view photographs and so receptionists have been instructed to direct patients to eConsult when a photo might help with a diagnosis or assessment.

2. Telephone Consultation – All requests for a GP consultation will start with a telephone consultation. The GP will ensure that you are not exhibiting COVID symptoms and then decide if the consultation can be conducted by telephone or if they require to see you in person. 

3. Virtual Consultation - If the GP or nurse feel they need to see you they will initially try to consult with you by our virtual consultation system “Near Me”. Again you will require access to a computer or smart phone so that you can see and hear the clinician.
You do not require to register for this system, just follow this link to get started below

Enter the Virtual Waiting Room

More information about NHS Near Me use in NHS Scotland and in NHS Grampian is available by clicking on the following links: NHS Scotland Near Me information

For Technical Requirements to run an NHS Near Me video call click here: Technical Requirements

For Troubleshooting tips if you experience difficulties using NHS Near Me click here: Troubleshooting tips

4. Face to Face consultations – During the Pandemic the Scottish government has advised us that to protect the GP service,face to face appointments should be used as a last resort.  However, if a clinician assesses that you require to be see – YOU WILL BE SEEN.

Form Completion - Insurance etc

Inform the receptionist if you require a medical or completion of an insurance report.  The receptionist will then be able to allocate an appropriate appointment if required. This is NOT an NHS service and therefore this service will attract a fee.  All fees must be paid before leaving the surgery.  Cash, cheque or electronic bank transfer only.

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